Terms and Conditions

Below are a few basic conditions: 


  • All equipment hired is subject to transportation costs if not being collected. Adequate insurance is also required for all dry-hired kit. If this is not available or invalid then the hirer will be personally responsible for the safety & condition of any & all kit & crew hired, & will be liable to pay for the repair or replacement of equipment which has deen damaged or misused whilst in their care, or injury sustained to our personel. Mileage is charged at 50p per mile from Salisbury, Wiltshire, with the first 50 miles free.


  • Prices quoted are to be viewed as a guide. For a definitive quote tailored to your specific requirements please call or email us now.


  • Pricing of Crew & OB unit depends on type & details of work, please call to discuss your requirements. Overtime is charged at time & a half. Travel days are charged at half day rate for crew, and full rate for equipment.


  • If the location is more than 5 hours travelling time away, the employer must pay another half dayys rate for all hired personnel & equipment either side of the job to accommodate lack of earnings incurred while travelling to & from it, or lack of sleep incurred (and therefore loss of crew performance) due to travelling.


  • Any Quotes are been formulated according to the information supplied to us. If circumstances are different enough on the day that more equipment, crew or editing time are necessary then that will charged for in addition to this quote’s total.


  • We DO now charge VAT, so a price from us will have VAT added later, if not mentioned in the quote. Expenses will also be added to final invoice, mainly travelling, subsistence & any accommodation, which we can estimate but not guarantee beforehand.


  • Cancellation of a booking under 72 hours of the booking date is subject to 50% of total hire charge cancellation fee if other work has been turned down.
  • Cancellation of a booking under 48 hours of the booking date is subject to 75% of total hire charge as cancellation fee regardless of wether other work has been turned down.


  • Cancellation of a booking under 24 hours of the booking date is subject to 100% of total hire charge as cancellation fee regardless of wether other work has been turned down.


  • Steadicam rates are based on an 8 hour shooting day. We reserve the right to refuse to attempt a Steadicam shot if the Operator judges it too risky for either for the equipment, operator, talent or environment. A reconnoitre and risk assessment must be carried out by the Operator before any shooting commences. This can be done on the day, but time must be allowed.


  • Ownership of the rushes remains with us until we have been paid in full for all work on that project, & we reserve the right to use short clips from the final edit for our own promotion. Copyright as stated under the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988 remains with the originator of the work unless a specific written agreement has been made before work commences. This is true of camerawork and multicamera production.


  • We will need to see proof of production insurance for all hired kit & crew before we leave our base, and all kit and crew are expected to be covered by the production companies insurance on location, and if abroad, also when travelling to & from it.


  • A completed purchase order as paper or PDF with company branding, registered number, address and phone number is required to confirm a booking far in advance.


  • Overtime is charged per hour at one fifth of each quoted piece of equipment or crew’s daily rates. Travel days are charged at half rate for all kit and crew. Rehearsal days are charged at full rate.


Dry Hire Terms and Conditions:


  • Photo proof of identify, address and full details of hirer must be provided before first day of hire.


  • Full proof of insurance covering the hired in kit must also be provided before first day of hire.


  • If total equipment hire is £100 or less then minimum hire is 2 days, which can be one full day and two travel days.


  • All equipment is subject to availability & may become unavailable if repairs are required following another hire.


  • Any and all damage incurred or losses while kit is in the hirer’s care is the responsibility of the hirer to repair or replace.


  • The company or individual/s listed on the Kit & Crew Hire Contract (required completed before first day of any hire) are liable for any damage incurred to any and all hired / loaned equipment whist it is in their care, including in transit, in use or stored on any premises, confirmed by signature. Proof of adequate production & hired in equipment insurance is required before first hire day. If damage is incurred and hirer’s insurance cannot be claimed upon, the company, it’s head or individual who organised the hire will be responsible for any and all replacement or repair costs. It is the hirer’s responsibility to check, ask and note above any existing damage or issues with the equipment before signing. We take pride in the upkeep and maintenance of our kit, and any issues are to be reported immediately as we will not accept responsibility for any shoot downtime due to failure or malfunction of our equipment, as it is the hirer’s responsibility to double check all kit.


  • You will need at least two forms of photo ID, a recent utility statement or other proof of address, and hired in equipment insurance covering the full value of all kit hired for the duration and a week beyond the agreed hire period. You will also need to download two copies of our Rental Agreement (download from here and/or we will email to you), sign and date them, and bring them with you when collecting the equipment.


  • If any equipment hired is not returned at the agreed time the hirer will be charged an extra days hire cost for every day beyond the agreed return date, plus any losses in income for that equipment which they have made unavailable to others, and also the cost of hiring in other equipment to cover any other bookings for the kit they have.


  • If we do not hear from you before or on the agreed return date explaining why the equipment will not be back on time, and we cannot contact you to ascertain a when the kit will be back, we will immediately regard the equipment as stolen and the theft will be reported to the police.