Talkback Hire – Wired or Wireless!

Wired and wireless crew communications for up to 10 people, full dulpex!
We have a complete set of Canford Tecpro industry standard wired XLR talkback crew communications, plus our new very useful Eartec Ultralite wireless radio talkback system! No push to talk, if your mic is on you talk to everyone symultaneously, allowing much more natural conversation, and hands off beltpacks. All mics can be manually turned on & off by the operator.

Both wired and wireless systems have at least two channels, so stage management (for example) can have their own loop, but still link in to the main talkback when they need to at the press of a button on the base stations. 


– Up to 10 people connected, full duplex, great sound quality
– Remarkably easy to use. Plug in and go! The only controls are mic on/off & volume!
Wireless means wireless, not even a wire to a belt pack!
– In line XLR, extend as long as you need
– Three wired channels and two wireless
– Battery wireless base station for optimal placement
– wireless system batteries last all day!

Wired Canford system, 5 beltpacks with headsets + base station  £40

Wireless Eartec Ultralite 4 headsets + base station & Tecpro interface  £50

Full kit, both wired & wireless, including over 200m of XLR cable  £100

prices per day, subject to VAT & delivery

The Canford Tecpro System (5 beltpacks & headsets)

The Eartec Ultralite System (Base station & 4 headsets)

Just this year our talkback systems have been used for several live broadcasts to the web, a live OB record for Channel 5, a huge festival style stage show, corporate events and on location crew comms on a feature shoot! The Eartec is especially easy to use; flip the mic down, mic is on, flip the mic up, mic is off!