NewTek TriCaster Hire & Rental

Please note our Tricaster is currently on extended hire and is unavailable, if you require one please give us advanced notice

NewTek TriCaster – Model TC100 + RS8 control surface

Complete 3 camera live vision mixing with integrated recording and video playin, audio, titling, keying, web streaming and more!

The Tricaster TC100 provides everything you need to cover your concert, lecture, play, sports event, web chat, conference & more with up to 3 SD cameras, record it or stream it to the web!


Graphics, Powerpoint, still images & video can be mixed in via PC input or loaded onto the TriCaster hard drive. Iteven records it own output while symultaneously sending it to a projector, monitor or external recorder! TriCaster is SD only, for HD click here!


  • Up to 3 SD Cameras + PC input
  • Live mixing, titling, graphics overlays & chroma key
  • Internal video playback & recording
  • Dedicated RS8 Vision Mixing control panel
  • Wired Talkback & Cues (coming soon)
  • Small, compact, lightweight flayaway unit
Audio Video Connections:

– 3 x RCA (phono) or S-Video composite video
– 1 x stereo pair RCA (phono) audio
– 1 x stereo pair 1/4″ mic jacks
– 1 x RCA (phono) or S-Video composite video
– 1 x stereo pair RCA (phono) audio
– 1 x VGA for computer monitor

Optional – or you supply:

– A standard computer Monitor, 16:9 or 4:3
– USB or PS2 Keyboard and Mouse
– Cameras & cables (tell us what sort)
– Any graphics, titles or play-in video
– A separate PC to connect to the web
& a dedicated web server
(if required for live streaming)

What’s in the box?

– Tricaster TC-100 main unit
– Tricaster RS8 Control Surface
– All required cables & connectors

A Quick Startup Guide to TriCaster:

When you boot TriCaster (which software runs through Windows) you will see the ‘TriCaster PAL’ icon on the desktop, click it!


Once the TriCaster software has launched, you see tabs at the top of the screen:


These are the three main areas of TriCaster allowing you to capture & edit video, audio, & still images before loading them in to the virtual VTR, from where they can be mixed into the live production.


We recommend that you spend at least an hour familiarising yourself with the interface before using TriCaster in earnest .

The main TriCaster Live Production interface from where you control everything going through the system, vision mixing options are mirrored on the excellent hardware RS8, panel which is instantly familiar to experienced directors & vision mixers.

The Live Production Interface:

When you load the LIVE PRODUCTION Tab you will see 8 input channels on the top left, the outpur monitor on the top right, Switcher display and Transitions (or DVEs) in the middle, and selectable Tabs at the bottom. These tabs are:

– VCR & Picture, contaiing loaded media
– Overlay, for titles & graphics
– Colour Background, for you to create
– Keyer, chromo keying controls
– Camera Setup, to match cameras
– VGA, options for computer in & output
– Record or Stream, record the live mixed output or send it straight to the web!

There are also controls and displays for audio, transition speed & more.