Lenses for the FS7 & FS700 for hire

We have quite a decent stock of lenses for cine or TV style shooting, plus adaptors & accessories!

SONY E-Mount lenses

PZ FE 28-135mm f4 power zoom lens


This superb lens, designed specifically for 4K full frame aquisition, is a wonderful lens for all situations. Constant f4 aperture and parfocal nature means zooming has no effect on exposure or risks losing focus. Sony PXW-FS7 28-135mm f4 OSS FE PZ Zoom lens


The power zoom motor is smooth and very useful for reframing during recording, and is controlled via the zoom rocker on the cameras grip, a slide switch on it’s body, or it’s zoom ring, which operates the motor more precisely.


Add this lens to the FS700 or FS7 and enjoy the super sharp, super smooth zoom with fully manual or fully automatic focus and iris! It also has excellent optical image stabilization, and a compact remoavble hood.


18-200mm f3.5-6.3 OSS

The perfect stabilised HD multipurpose lens with huge 10x zoom range!

10-18mm f4 OSS superwide

A brilliant sharp, ultra wide zoom that should always be on hand

35mm f1.8 OSS prime lens

A superb option for shallow interviews in confined quaters or for a wider view

50mm f1.8 OSS prime lens

Our favourite interivew & PTC lens super sharp for HD & 4K over f2.5

2/3″ B4 ENG power zoom lenses

Canon J11 x 4.5 IRSE ultra wide zoom & Canon J15x8 standard zoom shown here on our PXW-FS7 with an MTF Services B4 to E-mount adaptor

These are proper broadcast, enormously high quality, very costly TV zervo zoom lenses, that are the standard for news gathering and general television porduction around the world. 2/3″ B4 lenses have been in production and continiued development for over thirty years, and all that experience and expertise has created some world class, precision optices woth unapralelled useability and ergonomics for all shooting situation. You simply cannot call yourself a camera operator without having used these sort of lenses in anger – they are the standard for moving picture aquisition, initially for SD, then HD and now with our adaptor and FS7 they bring that same enormous flexibility, super high quality mechanics, optics and super smooth variable speed power zoom to the world of HD and 4K!

See our ENG lenses and adaptor in action on our FS7 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2xcFwXIzOg

NIKON lenses with adaptor

We have a full range of focal lengths, zooms and prime lenses from 14mm to 300mm, f1.4, f2.8 and more, all with aperture control & true manual focus.

Here are some examples of the Nikon Nikkor lenses on our FS700

Also for hire:

The Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q

4K & HD SSD Recorder / Monitor


Not only is this the most beautiful and informative monitor we’ve every used, it also records 4K RAW, 4K MOVs, UHD and superlative HD from the FS7 and FS700 to SSD drives!


The Odyssey 7Q turned our FS700 into a whole new camera, allowing us to capture incredible 4K footage for the first time, and now, as a companion to the FS7 too it provides backup recording and that awesome picture, focus assist, false colour and multiple video scopes to help judge exposure & focus perfectly every time. It downconverts 4K to HD, which can then be recorded or looped out from the Odyssey to another monitor or recorder.


See our Odyssey 7Q in use here https://youtu.be/tF9y0vKiNkg