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Steadicam Operator John E Fry Steadicam Operator Owner

STEADICAM & OTHER EQUIPMENT                    
                                          available when you book John as Steadicam Operator or Lighting Cameraman               


   Here's a quick video showing off the two models of big rig Steadicam John has for dry hire, or with him as a package. Wether you are using small cameras or large ones, John has a rig and all the accessories you'll need for it! Everything from a DSLR or EX3 to Alexa or F55!
   Be it a short film, a feature film, a music video, corporate promo, TV documentary, feature drama, outside broadcast or live broadcast John can cater to all your professional camera stabilisation needs!

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EPF Steadicam with Panasonic HPX500 P2 HD camera upgrade

   EFP STEADICAM - upgraded

       John's upgraded EFP Steadicam is the ideal mid to heavywieght stabiliser, capable of super controlled moves even with the biggest cameras, now with HD monitoring.

BBC Springwatch Steadicam Operator John Fry 2013 UK EFP HPX500  For 35mm film, digital cinema cameras & full size ENG TV 2/3" camcorders

   The EFP happily accomodates:
- Arri Alexa,  Amira,  SRII & SRIII,  RED ONE, Epic
- Sony PMW-F55   HDW-F900R    PXW-FS7
- PMW-350   PMW-400   PMW-500
- PDW-700   PDW-F800    - Red ONE
- Panasonic HPX3700  HPX 2700   HPX500
- AJ-PX5000   HPX3100   HPX2100
   and all mid to large size cameras

Please call for remote Follow Focus / Iris, monitoring and other options
- Left: EFP with a Panasonic HPX500
- Right: John & EFP on BBC Springwatch 2013



ITV Steadicam Operator John E FryJohn's light but remarkably capable Flyer has been upgraded to HD with the addition of an excellent Marshall ultrabright monitor, and in low wind offers all the precision, finesse & stability of the larger rigs

For light super35, 2/3", 1/3", 4/3" cameras & DSLRs

   The Flyer is perfect for cameras such as:
- Sony PMW-F5   PMW-F3           - Red Scarlet
- Sony PMW-200   PMW-300       - BMDCC
- Sony NEX-FS100, FS700   EA50  DSR-450  PXW-Z100
- PMW-EX1 & EX3   HVR-Z1, Z5 & Z7   HVR-S270
- Panasonic AG-AF101   AJ-PX270   AC160
HMC150   AG-HPX250   HPX371   HPX600
- JVC GY-HM750  HM790   HD100  HD7000
- Canon C300, C100, 1D, 5D & 7D  - Nikon D4, D800

Please call for Remote Follow Focus / Iris options
- Left: John & Flyer LE on ITV Meridian's Titanic Special
- Right:With John's Sony FS700 camera, also for hire

Steadicam Flyer LE with a Sony FS700 for hire rental UK

Other Steadicams can be brought in depending on the shoot & what is required for the shots,
availability, or for technical reasons


Sony PXW-FS7 4K camera kit for hire South UKSony PXW-FS7
Internal 4K, ProRes & XAVC, Super 35mm, HD, 2K & 4K RAW !

   The FS7 is the new king of versatility, sharing the E-mount with our FS700 and therefore all the same lenses, include high quality stills and cinema glass, plus with our MTF B4 lens adaptor we can use of broadcast 2/3" ENG power zoom lenses! We have the full range of FS7 accessories including VCT-14 plate with 15mm bars, & the XDCA-FS7 unit that gives the FS7 RAW output, internal ProRes recording, V-lock batteries & multicam interfaces.
   The FS7 can be kitted out for almost any shooting situation, from a barebones lightweight setup for travelling or being inconspicuous, or adding a 2/3" lens for TV work,  to a fully kitted up 4K feature film camera!   SEE OUR FS7 VIDEOS HERE!
Sony NEX-FS700 for hire South UKSony NEX-FS700
4K Super 35mm Sensor & Super Slow Motion in Full HD!

   The FS700 has a superior 4K Super35mm CMOS sensor, super slow-motion capability and an interchangeable E-mount lens system, offering unrivalled flexibility and creative expression. With our Odyssey 7Q unit it can record 4K RAW & ProRes UHD!
   We supply the FS700 with it's kit 18-200 AF/AE stabilised lens, or with a selection of professional Nikon AFS f2.8 prime and zoom lenses, add our Odyssey 7Q for more slow motion and 4K RAW recording, or full shoulder rig with Chrosziel mattebox!
    We also have AF/AE ultra wide lenses for Steadicam! 
Chrosziel Genio Remote Follow Focus

    For wireless lens control John can bring along his Genio remote focus kit, complete with high torque motor able to control all types of lenses.
    John has a few very good focus pullers available nearby who are expereinced with the Genio and pulling focus for Steadicam, so if you need to change focus dureing a shot do let us know & we'll bring all that's required!
Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q 4K SSD recorder Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q 4K recorder

   Apart from being a beautiful HD monitor, the Oydssey also records in 4K & HD ProRes files direct to SSD for instant editing & fast file transfer.
Sony a6300

Fantastic quality in a tiny package, and uses all the lenses from our FS7 and FS700, plus radio mic input and brilliant low light performance, this is an excellent non-broadcast B-camera.
Nikon D800

For the highest quality on-set stills and very good full frame HD Video, plus a full set of Nikon's legedary lenses!
Sony CX730 NX30 hire rental UKSony HDR CX730

Amazing Balanced Optical Steadyshot, very small & light, full auto or manual controls for fast filming, 50p recording at full HD 1920x1080, records to SD Cards & even has a mic jack!
Canon XF305 hireCanon XF305

Full 50mbps compact broadcast camera recording to CF cards, ideal for the Steadicam Flyer


     John owns and has access to a very wide range of film & TV equipment, from lighting to jibs, monitors to matte boxes, so if you don't see what you need immediately above, do drop him a line or email & we can almost certainly find it. He's even got a DSLR that shoots surprisiingly good video...

email John here!
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