FRYFILM Showreel Videos
Here are a small selection of example films of our work. Use the links below to see more of our camerawork in other's films, Steadicam operating and videos we have produced internally.

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We now offer DRONE FILMING and Photography! We use several qualified operators with drones for all types of aerial camerawork!

A promo film we produced for the wonderful, fun and talented Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich! Back for 2017!

Here's a client feature for IBM we shot for UKSV in Ireland.

A promo film shot by John Fry for SalesTorque and Pains Wessex. Watch out - it's a logn line to fire!

Corporate promo film we shot and directed for Ouno Creative
We travelled all over Europe to film this in 2013

Celebrity Interview Showreel / CVHF Promo for 2014
A good example of when we're forced to film with a DSLR!

Our Multicamera & Outside Broadcast Showreel!

What is a Steadicam? As seen on the BBC Springwatch programme!
View all our Steadicam videos in a larger player here

Skiing Cameraman & Filming on Skis showreel.

MTF Services B4 Lens adaptor review on our Sony PXW-FS7.
Take a look at our FS7 website to check out the kit for hire!