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Let professional ski cameraman & film-maker John Fry and his ski video production company capture your adventures on snow, in HD & 4K!

Ski Film Example - GrandValira, Andorra, January 2013

    Here's a short video from Andorra this year, showing off our super stabilised and slow motion cameras, ideal for capturing action on the pistes! We also have super 35mm 4K and HD cameras, GoPro Heros & more for getting all the angles & dimensions to our ski  videos.

Video Production on the Snow!

    John Fry is a highly experienced lighting cameraman and qualified CSIA ski instructor from the South of England, who specialises in ski and snowboarding filmmaking. John has a passion for skiing and filming which he has done in many of the worlds top ski holiday destinations and resorts.

   John and his team film you on the slopes, capturing your skiing or snowboarding adventures during the day, and record you off the slopes too (if desired!) to create a complete picture of your trip, work or plaeasure!

   We have made films for small groups and large parties, including friends, families, school classes, sports teams, college and university groups, TV channels, documentaries, ski instructors, resort hotel owners and corporate clients. These have been both for entertainment afterwards, as a documentary record of a trip, and for use as instructional tools to help improve technique. Its much easier to see what you may be doing wrong or could improve if you can watch yourself in action.

Catering to your needs & budget

  We can provide one cameraman alone or several crew to covers all your trip or production in the mountains, including professional video editors to cut the footage on location,  other cameramen to shoot other footage for the film, as well as assistants, directors and producers.

   If John could be useful to you, your school, organisation or your business do get in touch, we'd love to hear from you:

Lighting Cameraman Hire
Lighting Cameraman Hire

Specialist Ski & Snowboard Filming Kit:
- Sony FS7 & FS700 & complete lens kit
offering Super Slow Motion, 4K and HD action, plus cinematic interviews, long lens work and supporting footage.
- Sony HDR-CX730 super stabilised mini full HD camcorder for tracking on snow
- Nikon D800 Captures full HD video using professional lenses
- GoPro Hero 4 Black HD minicams & more

Whether for business, pleasure, continued development or simply to have a great record of your trip, why not record it forever on video?

Ski Snowboard cameraman video filming John Fry
      John and a cheerful friend on the slopes.

   Once your trip, holiday, training film, promo, documentary or sports video has been filmed, we then produce a high quality DVD or HD Blu-Ray once edited, & we can also put sections online to help share those moments, promote your business, or just for fun!

  We are passionate about skiing and life in the mountains so creating the best, most exciting, interesting and well suited videos for you are always our top priorities & we take great pride in doing so. If you've ever thought about getting yourself on skis on film, try it now!  

Freelance Ski Camerman available!

    John will happily shoot for others, and has done on many occasions, most recently for Sky Sports filming cricketer Dominic Cork learning to snowboard for the 'Get Involved' programme.

Dominic Cork learning to snowboard for Sky Sports Get Involved

    When he is not on the slopes John films for TV,  corporate clients, feature films and other production companies in and outside of the UK as a professional lighting cameraman and Steadicam Operator. All those skills are then used to great effect on the piste when filming skiing and snowboarding, as a detailed knowledge of techniques for capturing fast paced action and shooting whilst the camera is moving are essential to make the most effective and representative view of life on and off piste. We even have contacts in the ski instructing world in Europe and in Canada to give us background information and advise on the best runs to film, most exciting areas to ski and snowboard around, and the best places to wind down afterwards!

ski cameraman Sony FS700 slow motion slomo film  John Fry skiing cameraman snowboard filming video

Andorra Group Ski Snowboard cameraman holiday dvd  ski snowboarding video production party Andorra
John has filmed in many of the world's top ski destinations and resorts, including the French, Austrian & Italian Alps, Scotland & the Pyrenees